Reflexology in Functional - Integrative - Complimentary  Medicine

Imagine the new medical department -

You are coming with health issue to the doctor (maybe it is not the first time with the same problem) and he continue to give you medication (that have their good results some times But they effect other parts in your body). Now - Imagine the doctor telling you to try, instead of taking medication, going to complimentary medication like: Reflexology / Acupuncture / Hydrotherapy /  Homeopathy…. you are going to the practitioner (a professional one, who learned in appropriate institute and continue training), he is treating you in a naturally way, that can help your problem from other sides: he will treat you as person who have body and soul that effect each other, he will see the connection and reason that bring you to that issue and try to treat the source and not the symptom. After the treatment you will return to your doctor to continue monitoring yourself by him and your practitioner and here we start the brainstorming about your health from another point of view. your doctor and your practitioner will collaborate together about you, they will share thoughts, test results, opinions, value information - all those will be taken and consider when they will try to do their best for your health, for you! they will see you as person and not a health problem that can be fixed like the medical books says. you are one, you are unique and this is how you deserve to be treated. 

I want to share with you some examples from my experience - 

ADHA/ADD - when I lived in Israel I worked together with Neurologist in hospital to treat ADHA/ADD pateints. You can read more about it here.

Hyper Blood Pressure - When you treat patient with HBP that are already taking medication for that, after a while with the doctor monitoring them, we can decrease the dose of the medication. By treating the Blood system, the Kidneys and the stress in life we can see that this is the key to see the person as a whole, and take care not just on the organ itself.

High blood sugar levels - 10 years old boy with high blood sugar level came to me and after working on his pancreas, liver, blood system and nerve system, he done another blood test after 3 month the sugar level drop to normal! 

Back Ache - Our world can be define by 80% who already suffer from Back ache and 20% that are not (and the doctors says that they will..). Treating back ache can be with medication, with NSAID’s, with surgery OR can be with palliative and preservative treatment combined with complimentary as Reflexology and exercises like alexander technique / yoga / thai chi. In Reflexology we can work on the Spine (on specific vertebras), the Nerve System, the Adrenal gland (if there is any inflammation). We can advise about some exercises and bring relief and better quality of life. After some sessions you will feel the change, you will be able to live your life with no taking drugs or lying in bed. 

Today we can see the Reflexology treatment with Cancer patients. Reflexology treatment during the chemotherapy treatment can significantly reduce the side effect of the chemotherapy. the treatment can increase the willing of the patient to fight and dill with the cancer. The Reflexology help physically and mentally, by the loving-care-emphaty touch of the provider.

When I am working in a medical center I’m working collaborated with the doctors. This relationship between us is the key to the health of our patient. conversation, notes, tests results - all those are very important to do the best for our patient, to bring him the best treatment that can be given to him.

When a patient come he is telling his medical history, I, as his Reflexologist, “browse” his body trough his feet and decide on the  treatment process. In that time I will talk with his doctor about him, I’ll tell the doctor what is my gaol and I will inform him once in a while about the patient progress. This information will help the doctor to decide with the patient about continuing with the medication: what they should decrease and what they maybe even can take off. 

The complimentary practitioner and the doctor should talk about the patient and share their thoughts about what need to do with him, It is very interesting to have this brainstorming and bring the different points of view and put them together to make a combinations to one path, the perfect path to the client that use the medical from both sides the western medical and the complimentary functional way and to make the Integration between them.

We can see today more and more complementary medicine in medical centers and in hospitals. There are specialized department like pain clinic in some departments in hospitals (cancer, orthopedic,psychotherapy..)

We can see that the combination between the conservative way of the western medicine and the complimentary medicine is very important to the patient. Every patient is deferent, every body is deferent, every life story is effecting deferentially the body - It can cause the same medical name issue - but it need to be treated in a little different way from patient to patient. This little twist in the medicine treatment, this little turn in the old medical path because this is what is written in the book can not be good for everyone. For example: when client will come with headaches we will decently treat his blood system to reduce the pressure to his head but maybe we can treat his large intestine too because he suffer from constipation, or we will treat his neck vertebra or we will treat his shoulder and scapula to release the pressure there. But to know the medical path better we need to know the person who came to us better, we need to ask about him, about his life, to know his story - this is the way to know better and specify the perfect and best treatment for him, and not the same treatment for everyone with the same medical name issue.  

We know and recognize today that it is very important to see the patient as a whole person. When a patient is coming to the doctor with wrist problem he is not a “wrist issue” he has a name, he has life and things are going on in his life that may effect his physical - emotional - mental condition and this need to be treated too to prevent that problem to return again later. 

In the future when you have any health or mental issue be sure to have the combined way to treat yourself. Search for the doctor who will be happy to work with your complimentary provider, and together they will know better how to treat you and give you the best and specific treatment that fit you exactly. 

I’ll be happy to hear from your, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with me:

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