Infertility - Reflexology can help!

I want to share with you a post that one of my clients posted in "Mom's forum"... here's a translation to English:

"I would like to recommend this Reflexologist, Iris Aharonovich, who moved from Boston to Rockville, Maryland not long ago...

I hope it's ok that I'm trying to promote someone in our forum, but you ladies have a great power to understand and thanks to this Iris I got ...(my son).

I met Iris two years ago, while we were trying to get pregnant. Not all of you know, but it took us a year and a half until we got pregnant, and I truly feel that Iris had a big part of the success.

Iris has amazing hands, calm and relaxing energy. After every session I felt I'm in seventh heaven. She helped me both physically and mentally, while working with me to figure out important aspects about myself and about my relations with key people in my life. She is an angel".

And I (Iris) want to say to you, my dear client who made this post - Thank You!! thank you for accepting the new approach and being open to help yourself not only with the traditional medicine. Thank you for allowing yourself and I to look holistically at your inner and outer circles: realizing the relations between your body and soul, your uterus and readiness to be a mom, your physical condition and the people who surround you... You had the courage to deal with all that - I'm so proud of you and love you for who you are.  Thank you for sending me your son's picture every once in a while to show me how beautiful he is:-)) Bless.

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