Do you have two Brains? (Digestion System Disorders)

YES!!!! We all have two brains: one in our head and one in our stomach. 

Try to remember how you process experiences that you had. You get it with your senses: see, smell, touch, taste... you process it in your brain: fun/happy/sad/fear.... equal to the digestive system: good/bad/empowering... you decide to keep it to yourself or forget it...equal to the Intestine organs that decide to "keep" it in the body or trow it away:-)

Our two brains are connected, they affect on each other. When we in stress our bowel movement immediately response, we can trow up, get diarrhea..and verse versa when we in constipation we can have migraines, nausea...

We are whole - soul and body are connected.

In Reflexology we will see you not as "headache" or "constipation" or "IBS" or "Crohn" or Colitis"... We will see trough the health condition and contribute the emotional one too.

Here are two articles from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Harvard Medical School - about our two brains.

And here is the story of one of my clients with Colitis.

"I was skeptical that reflexology could help with my colitis, especially as a male, and a person with 20 years experience in healthcare. I've suffered with this for years, taking medicine and trying to regulate my diet, with varying levels of success. However, my skepticism was trumped by a progressive and sustained alleviation of my symptoms as I began and continued through my reflexology treatments. In fact, the reflexology treatments seemed to be directly correlated with how good I felt physically and emotionally. The more frequent I had reflexology, the better I felt. The less frequent, due to my busy schedule, the more the symptoms would come back. I would go so far as to say that I have not this good in years, and I attribute a large part of that to Iris. I was even able to stop my medications without return of my symptons so long as I continued my treatements. She is not only a skilled and professional practitioner, but a sincere, genuine, and inviting person who also helped me with anxiety through envisioning exercises during treatment. All of this was new and different to me, and I could not believe how much it helped. I will miss her tremendously. I do believe in the importance of a connection with another person when being treated, and with Iris I felt very comfortable that I was in good hands. Now that she has move to Md., I am back on medications, and seeking alternative treatment. It will be very hard to replace Iris!"

Brian M. 

Boston, MA

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