About Me


My name is Iris, I was born and raised in Israel and today I live with my family in the greater D.C. area (Rockville, Maryland).

After finishing my first degree in Education and the second one in Public Administration, I quickly realized that this is not what I REALLY want to do with my life. I felt a need to make closer contact with people, to touch, to give something to others, ease their pain and be there for them. This is when I started my new journey as a Reflexologist.

During my three years of Reflexology studies (where I come from, three years is the standard to become a senior Reflexology therapist), I took  additional workshops and courses to become specialized in providing Reflexology treatment to pregnant women, babies and toddlers.

I have more than 17 years of experience, during which I dealt with Women’s Health issues (Infertility, dysmenorrhea, menopause, pregnancy, maternity and labor reflexology), Chronic Health (Chronic pain, lymphatic system, migraines, backache, high blood pressure etc.), Allergies (Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis), Stress, ADD/ADHD and more.

I'm a strong believer that Reflexology can be combined with medical treatment as a complementary therapy method  that in most cases can ease our pain and improve our health.

In my Reflexology session I like to take an Holistic treatment approach - We will work together, while focusing on both your body and soul. Your feet can tell me your story, from which I learn about feelings and physical issues that you and your body deal with. Together, we can make this story better. 

Professional Memberships

As a professional Reflexologist I'm an active and proud member of:

  • The Reflexology Association of America - RAA
  • The Maryland Reflexology Association - MDRA
  • The American Reflexology Certification Board - ARCB

Awards, Certificates & Degrees

  • American Reflexology Certification Board - National Certified Reflexologist
  • 2016 Legistlation Award - Reflexology Association of America
  • Reflexologist for Maternity
    MediCin College, Tel-Aviv, Israel (2001)
  • Reflexologist for Babies and Toddlers
    MediCin College, Tel-Aviv, Israel (2001)
  • Senior Professional Therapist in Reflexology
    MediCin College, Tel-Aviv, Israel (3 year course, 2000)
  • Certified Therapist in Bach-Flowers
    MediCin College, Tel-Aviv, Israel (1999)
  • Certified Life Coach
    University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel (2008)
  • M.A., Public Administration and Policy
    Ben-Gurion University, Be’er-Sheva, Israel (1998)
  • B.A., Education
    Ben-Gurion University, Be’er-Sheva, Israel (1996)

Janury 17, 2018 - Radio Interview


2000-Present: Foot and Soul - Owns and operates a private practice for Reflexology therapy.

2015-Present: Reflexology Association of America - Board Director
                                                                                         Chair, Education 
                                                                                         Chair, Legistlation Committee

2013-2014: Reflexology Association of America - Vice President

2012-2013: Reflexology Association of America - Board Director

2011-2014: Visions Medical Center - Reflexology Therapist in Wellesley, MA, USA

2001-2009Kupat Holim Clalit - Complementary medicine clinic, and Reflexology therapist.
Working in cooperation with traditional medicine, I dealt with various health issues, same as my private clinic experience above.
Awarded Best Therapist for 2007 during my work at “Kupat Holim Clalit” amongst around 400 therapists in the organization.

2008-2009: OR - Complementary Medicine School - Teacher, Bach-Flowers therapy.
Created and taught the Bach-Flowers course curriculum. The course reviewed the 38 essences and their equivalent emotional reactions, communication techniques with the patient and creation of the appropriate Bach-Flowers remedy to ease a patient’s emotional stress.

2008-2009: Life Coaching Practitioner
Assisted and coached my patients to identify their day-to-day life concerns through self-improvement exercises, lessons learned sessions and other techniques. Then, worked with the patients to create and adopt the adequate life style practices to help them improve and overcome the challenges they had experienced.

2007: Karmiel Elementary School - Teacher, Human body and Reflexology.
I Created and taught a one semester course for first graders which reviewed the function of the various human body systems, the way they work and the way they are reflected in the human foot. The children practiced high level foot therapy on each other, increasing their understanding of the values of watching and taking care of our sophisticated body, mutual trust, mutual respect and friendship with one another.

2006-2007: Dr. Lampit, ADD/ADHD private health clinic, Reflexology and Bach-Flowers therapist.
Cooperated with Dr. Lampit on his research of the influence of complementary medicine on children with ADD/ADHD. We were able to reduce the medicine required while increasing the child’s self control.

2001: MediCin College - Reflexology Professor Assistant
Worked with 2nd year Reflexology students and provided practical and theoretical background for foot reading and therapy techniques. Guided the students and monitored their progress throughout the year.

Reflexology is not a substitute to medical treatment, nor can be used to diagnose medical disorders or prescribe or adjust medications

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